Fell Race Championship

The Inter Club Fell Championship is a series of four fell races (two mid-week and two on a weekend) held during the summer.

The Road Grand Prix and Fell Championship have a significant difference, namely that the Road Grand Prix is held on closed organized races, while the Fell Championship is held as part of pre-existing open races organized by outside authorities and are run under the FRA or BOFRA rules. These races are not free you must pay your own entry fee. Club kit should be worn.

Fell Races 2020

Date Venue Distance Ascent Category Results
11th April 2020 Wardle Skyline *IC* 11.3km / 7m 381m / 1250ft BM
3rd May 2020 Hameldon Hill BS
23rd May 2020 Hutton Roof *IC* 11.3km / 7m 397m / 1302ft BM
6th June 2020 Kelbrook 5.5km / 3.4m 213m / 699ft BS
13th June 2020 Weets 8.8km / 5.5m 550m / 1804ft AS
18th June 2020 Aggies Staircase *IC* 6.4km / 4m 350m / 1148ft AS
9th August 2020 Boulsworth 10.5km / 6.5m 300m / 984ft BM
29th August 2020 Moorhouse’s Pendleton *IC* 8km / 5m 457m / 1499ft AS

*IC these races form part of the Interclub series, 3 best scores to count. For BWFAC Championship, Best 4 of 8 to count

For all Fell Races, full waterproof kit with taped seams and hood must be carried otherwise runners might not be allowed to race. Please check for exact details before going to a race and ensure all requirement specified by the organisers are carried or worn.


There are five team categories, as well as overall individual awards in Male & Female and Vet 40, 50, 60 age groups. No Female Vet 35 in fell running, both Male & Female Vet categories start 40.

First 5 to count, any age, any sex
First 3 to count
First 4 over 40 to count, either sex
Vet 50
First 3 over 50 to count, either sex
Vet 60
First 2 over 60 to count, either sex


1st team 7 points, 2nd team 6 points… 7th team 1 point.

Incomplete teams will still score and will be ordered on the number of finishing runners. Should multiple clubs have the same number of finishers, normal scoring rules apply.

If there are no finishers for a club, they will score 0 points.

Individual Winners

Lowest total positions from 3 of the 4 races win individual trophies overall and in each age group.

Prizes are awarded for the first 3 males and females, and 1 in each veteran category. Each runner can only win 1 prize.

These are awarded at the buffet after the first event of the following seasons Road Grand Prix.

For more information please visit…http://interclub.azurewebsites.net/competitions/fell

2019 Fell Results

Date Venue Distance Ascent Category Results
6 April 2019 Pendle Fell Race 4.5miles 1500ft AS Results
6 June 2019 Henderson End Rivington 7.0 miles 1500ft BM Results
22 June 2019 Clougha Pike Fell Race 4.9miles 1312ft AS Results
31 July 2019 Lee Mill Rossendale 6.6m 1089ft BM Results

2018 Fell Results

Date Venue Distance Ascent Category
8 May 2018 7.15pm Mearley Clough 3.5 miles 380m/1247ft AS Results
28 May 2018 1pm Austwick Amble 8.1 miles 365m/1197ft BM Results
17 June 2018 10.30am Settle Hills 7 miles 400m/1312ft BM Results
5 July 2018 7.15pm Don Ashton Memorial Tockholes 5.8 miles 335m/1099ft BS Results

2017 Fell Race Results – Final

Archived Inter Club Fell Race Results 2010-2017

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