Cross Country

BWFAC Cross Country Championship latest results can be viewed here, please notify Nick Hume of any errors asap. BWFAC Championship Winners are highlighted in yellow.

Previous years Mid Lancs Cross Country results can be viewed here.

Qualifying races for the 2018/19 club cross country championship are marked CC in the fixture list below. Four races must be completed to qualify for the championship. First club member home is awarded 1 point, second finisher 2 points and so on. At the end of the season the person with the lowest 4-race score wins. Tie breakers will be used where scores are even.

Date Venue
13 October 2018 GSK Sports Club, Ulverston CC Results
24 November 2018 Sefton Park, Liverpool CC Results
8 December 2018 Wilson Playing Fields, Hyndburn CC Results
5 January 2019 Lancs XC Champs, Witton Park, Blackburn CC Results
12 January 2019 Towneley Park, Burnley CC Results
26 January 2019 Northern Athletics XC Champs, Pontefract Racecourse Results
9 February 2019 Leigh Sports Village CC Prov. Results
23 February 2019 English National XC Champs, Harewood House, Leeds
2 March 2019 Cuerden Valley Park CC
16 March 2019 English Schools XC Champs, Chelmsford

2017/2018 Cross Country Fixtures & Results

Date Venue Results
14 October 2017 Mid Lancs Cuerden Valley Park CC Results
21 October 2017 Northern Athletics XC Relays Results
25 November 2017 Mid Lancs Sefton Park, Liverpool CC Results
9 December 2017 Mid Lancs Leigh Sports Village CC Results
7 January 2018 Lancs XC Champs CC Results
13 January 2018 Mid Lancs Towneley Park, Burnley CC Results
27 January 2018 Northern Athletics XC Champs Results
17 February 2018 Mid Lancs Rylands Park, Lancaster CC Results
24 February 2018 English National XC Champs Results
3 March 2018 Mid Lancs GSK Sports, Ulverston CC Results
17 March 2018 English Schools XC Champs

2017-18 BWFAC Cross Country Results

2017-18 BWFAC Cross Country Trophy Winners

2016-17 BWFAC Cross Country Results

2016-17 BWFAC Cross Country Trophy Winners

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