Road Race Championship

Please see below the races for the BWFAC 2020 Road Championship;
(6 races to qualify)

19th January 2020Inskip Half MarathonResults
2nd February 2020Blackburn Winter Warmer 10kResults
23rd February 2020Lostock 6Results
21st March 2020Coniston 14
10th April 2020Salford 10K 
7th May 2020Lytham IC 
17th May 2020Windermere Marathon 
30th May 2020Fleetwood Promenade Parkrun 
10th June 2020Preston IC 
17th June 2020Hawkshead 10k 
21st June 2020Freckleton Half Marathon 
23rd June 2020Thornton IC 
4th July 2020Catforth Canter 
13th July 2020Wesham IC 
12th August 2020Chorley IC 
2nd September 2020Red Rose IC 
6th September 2020Garstang Half Marathon 
28th September 2020Pilling 10K 
18th October 2020Green Drive 5 

Road Race Championship Results 2019

30 December 2018Ribble Valley 10KResults
20 January 2019Inskip Half MarathonResults
24 February 2019Lostock 6Results
19 April 2019Salford 10KResults
2 May 2019Lytham ICResults
18 May 2019Fleetwood parkrunResults
12 June 2019Preston ICResults
16 June 2019Freckleton Half MarathonResults
25 June 2019Thornton ICResults
7 July 2019Lytham Carnival 5KResults
22 July 2019Wesham ICResults
14 August 2019Chorley ICResults
1 September 2019Golden Ball 10 MilerResults
4 September 2019Red Rose ICResults
28 September 2019Pilling 10KResults
20 October 2019Green Drive 5Results

Road Race Championship Results 2018

BWFAC Road Race Championship results to date can be viewed below, please email if you spot any errors.

Ladies Road Race Champs 20.09.18 pdf

Ladies Road Race champs 20.09.18

Mens Road race champs 20.09.18 pdf

Mens Road race champs 20.09.18

21 January 2018Inskip Half MarathonResults
11 February 2018Valentines 10K, LancasterResults
18 March 2018Sweatshop 10mResults
30 March 2018Salford 10kResults
3 May 2018Lytham ICResults
26 May 2018Catforth 5KResults
13 June 2018Preston ICResults
17 June 2018Freckleton HalfResults
26 June 2018Thornton ICResults
7 July 2018Blackpool parkrunResults
23 July 2018Wesham ICResults
8 August 2018Chorley ICResults
26 August 2018Fast 4 Great EcclestonCANCELLED
5 September 2018Red Rose ICResults
29 September 2018Pilling 10kResults
 21 October 2018 Green Drive 5Results

This page contains details of races in the club road running championship for 2018. Points are awarded based on 1 for first home, 2 for second home etc. Athletes must complete six events to qualify for the championship. 

Archived Road Running Results 2007 – 2017

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