Inter Club Series

Every year, 7 running clubs from the Fylde and Preston areas take part in a series of seven races of between four and five miles, these are known as the Inter Club Series.

The participating clubs are:-
·         Blackpool Wyre & Fylde
·         Chorley Athletic & Tri
·         Lytham St. Annes RR
·         Preston Harriers
·         Red Rose RR
·         Thornton Cleveleys
·         Wesham RR
The races are held monthly from April to September.

2019 Fixtures

Date Organising Club Distance
3 April 2019 BWFAC 4 miles Results
2 May 2019 Lytham St Annes RR 5 miles Results
12 June 2019 Preston Harriers 4 miles
25 June 2019 Thornton Cleveleys 5 miles
22 July 2019 Wesham RR 4.5 miles
14 August 2019 Chorley AC & Tri 4.7 miles
4 September 2019 Red Rose RR 4.2 miles

*all 7.30pm start apart from the BWFAC and Red Rose RR events which start at 7pm

*the 2018 Awards Presentation will take place after Lytham St Annes Inter Club race on Thursday 2 May 2019

Open     10 to count
Women   5 to count
FV40        5 to count
Masters  6 to count
MV50      4 to count
MV60      3 to count

Also overall individual awards in the usual age groups.
The races are for all club members (with guests allowed) and are run in a spirit of fun as well as being quite competitive.
Race numbers will be used at every Interclub run.
Each eligible club member will be allocated a number to wear throughout the road Interclub series.
An eligible member must be age 15 or over.
A new team category was introduced in 2016, this category consists of 5 female vets aged 40 (or over). The females are eligible to count in any other categories if they are fast enough! (In the same way as they do now)
The results co-ordinator, Greg Oulton will allocate a series of numbers per club.
Each club will provide Greg with a list of names and date of birth for every runner eligible to take part in the Interclub series.
Each club will be responsible for the upkeep of their own list of runners.
If any runner forgets his/her race number each club will have some blank numbers to enable a duplicate to be made.
The Race Director/Team Captains for each home fixture will be responsible for registering guest runners.
This information will then be passed to Greg so that guests will appear in the results list.

2018 Fixtures

Date Organising Club Distance
4 April 2018 BWFAC 4 miles Results
3 May 2018 Lytham St Annes RR 5 miles Results
13 June 2018 Preston Harriers 4 miles Results
26 June 2018 Thornton Cleveleys 5 miles Results
23 July 2018 Wesham RR 4.5 miles Results
8 August 2018 Chorley AC & Tri 4.7 miles Results
5 September 2018 Red Rose RR 4.2 miles Results

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To view inter club results prior to 2012 please click here

Inter Club Roll of Honour 1992-2017

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