Trail Race Championship

We are delighted to announce that we will again be offering a BWFAC Trail Championship to run alongside the usual Road Championship. (6 races to qualify), Please be aware that some races/dates may be subject to change due to cancellations etc.

Date Event Results
Sun 10 March 2019 Roddlesworth Roller, Abbey Village
Sat 30 March 2019 Warrington 5 *SOLD OUT
Sun 7 April 2019 Rivington 10 Trail Challenge, Rivington
Sun 7 April 2019 Brun Valley 10K
Wed 17 April 2019 Curley’s 5k, Horwich
Sat 4 May 2019 Staveley 10K
Staveley 18K
Sun 12 May 2019 Wigan Trail 10K
Sat 15 June 2019 Haigh Woodland parkrun*
Wed 19 June 2019 Sabden Trail
Sun 7 July 2019 Northwich Festival of Running 10K Trail Race
Sat 27 July 2019 Beetham Sports Day
Sat 10 August 2019 Hyndburn parkrun*
Wed 28 August 2019 Harrock Hill 4
Sat 7 September 2019 Lytham Hall parkrun*
Sun 15 September 2019 Yarrow River 10k Chorley
Sat 5 October 2019 Witton parkrun*
Sat 26 October 2019 Cuerden Valley parkrun*

*free trail event

This page contains details of races in the trail running championship for 2019. Points are awarded based on 1 for first home, 2 for second home etc. Athletes must complete six events to qualify for the championship.


Trail Race Championship 2018

The final results for the BWFAC Trail Race Championship can be viewed below.

BWFAC Trail Race Championship as at 7.10.18 – PDF document

BWFAC Trail Race Championship as at 7.10.18 – Excel document

For race entry links and info about all of the races listed below please click here.

Date Event Results
Sun 11 March 2018 Roddlesworth Roller, Abbey Village Results
Sat 24 March 2018 Warrington 5 Results
Sun 8 April 2018 Rivington 10 Trail Challenge, Rivington Results
Wed 11 April 2018 Curley’s 5k, Horwich Results
Sun 29 April 2018 Brun Valley 10K Results
Sun 13 May 2018 Wigan Trail 10K Results
Sat 2 June 2018 Cuerden Valley parkrun* Results
Wed 20 June 2018 Sabden Trail Race, Sabden Results
Sun 8 July 2018 Northwich Festival of Running 10K Trail Race Results
Sat 21 July 2018 Witton parkrun* Results
Sat 28 July 2018 Lytham Hall parkrun* Results
Wed 22 August 2018 Harrock Hill, Chorley Results
 Sat 1 September 2018 Keswick 10K Results
 Sat 1 September 2018 Keswick 15K Challenge Results
Sun 16 Sept 2018 Yarrow River 10k Chorley Results
Sat 22 Sept 2018 Hyndburn parkrun* Results
Sat 6 October 2018 Haigh Woodland parkrun* Results

*free trail event

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