Club Handicap

The Monthly Handicap has been run on a semi-rural course of exactly 3.72 miles in Thornton Cleveleys since 1985. Hundreds of runners have taken part and there is an impressive list of course records reproduced below (Blackpool & Fylde or North Fylde prior to 01.09.2006). From April to October the race starts at 7.15pm (6.15pm in October) on the first Wednesday of each month. From November to March it takes place on the first Sunday of the month at 10am.

Several runners have completed the race over a hundred times (see below) and have been presented with a commemorative trophy. In June 2006 Margaret Brown became the first runner to complete two hundred races. Current Handicapper Tony Croft

100 UP200 UP300 UP
Top 20 WomenTop 20 MenTop 50 Attendees


Jan 22Feb 22Mar 22Apr 22May 22Jun 22Jul 22Aug 22Sep 22Oct 22Nov 22Dec 22
Jan 21Feb 21Mar 21Apr 21May 21Jun 21Jul 21Aug 21Sep 21Oct 21Nov 21Dec 21
Jan 20Feb 20Mar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20Dec 20
Jan 19Feb 19Mar 19Apr 19May 19Jun 19Jul 19Aug 19Sep 19Oct 19Nov 19Dec 19
Jan 18Feb 18Mar 18Apr 18May 18Jun 18Jul 18Aug 18Sep 18Oct 18Nov 18Dec 18
Jan 17Feb 17Mar 17Apr 17May 17June 17July 17Aug 17Sept 17Oct 17Nov 17Dec 17
Jan 16Feb 16Mar 16Apr 16May 16June 16July 16Aug 16Sept 16Oct 16Nov 16Dec 16
Jan 15Feb 15Mar 15Apr 15May 15Jun 15Jul 15Aug 15Sep 15Oct 15Nov 15Dec 15
Jan 14Feb 14Mar 14Apr 14May 14Jun 14Jul 14Aug 14Sep 14 Nov 14Dec 14
Jan 13Feb 13Feb 13Apr 13May 13Jun 13Jul 13Aug 13Sep 13Oct 13Nov 13Dec 13
Jan 12Feb 12Mar 12Apr 12May 12Jun 12Jul 12Aug 12Sep 12Oct 12Nov 12Dec 12

Results Key: Y=New PB; DR=Debut Run


OpenCarl King18.16Jun 984.54
V40 (M)Phil Leybourne19.17Jun 115.11
V45 (M)John Houghton19.36Oct 025.15
V50 (M)Tony Croft20.04Apr 005.24
V55 (M)Stuart Calderbank21.14Mar 025.42
V60 (M)Graham Davies23.49Apr 176.19
V65 (M)Reg Smallbone25.44Sep 126.54
V70 (M)John Winters (B&F)26.25Sep 057.05
V75 (M)Mike Walsh28.07Jun 077.34
WomenSharon Astley (B&F)20.49Jul 865.35
V35 (W)Caroline Betmead21.30Aug 075.45
V40 (W)Chrissie O’Connor23.28May 046.18
V45 (W)Caroline Betmead23.07Jun 216.14
V50 (W)Caroline Betmead24.05Dec 216.29
V55 (W)Bev Wright24.46Mar 176.40
V60 (W)Margaret Brown29.07Nov 067.49
V65 (W)Margaret Brown30.44Sep 088.15

The Club Standards for the Monthly Handicap are:

WomenUnder 3535 – 3940 – 4445 – 4950 – 5455 – 5960 – 64 
MenUnder 4040 – 4445 – 4950 – 5455 – 5960 – 6465 – 6970 – 74

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