Athlete of the Month

Here is your chance to recognise the achievements of your clubmates. BWFAC members can nominate fellow members for the Athlete of the Month award by sending an email to Nick Hume.

The nomination criteria can be viewed/downloaded here.

The first BWFAC ‘Athlete of the Month’ awards were made in October 2006. Winners and nominees to date are listed below. 

Roll of Honour 2020

MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Scott Sinclair Fiona Hockey  
February Charlie Auty Amelia Shearman Luke Rawcliffe, Ben Winnemore, Nick Hume, Emily Japp and Millie Turner
July   Deborah Terras *Volunteers of the Quarter* Tony Airnes and Kevin Davies
September Kieran Howard Layla Wholey Mark Warner
October Jonathon Sanderson   *Volunteer of the Quarter* Sarah Parsons

Roll of Honour 2019

MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Seb Holt Imogen Reader  
February Malcolm Beech Jasmine Carey Amanda Fuller, Nicola Unsworth, Alex Slater
March Brett Rund Betty Kershaw *Volunteer of the Quarter was Sarah Venn*
Also nominated Jack Richardson & Chloe Parsons
April Joel Elphick Keira Tomes  
May Harry Snelson Talia Armstead Grace Oates, Phelix Kowalski and Scott Sinclair
June Will Riley Basia Pawelczak & Nia Rutter  
July Joanne Upton-Fletcher / Claire Irons Chloe Parsons, George Mackenzie and Luke Minns
August Ethan Mcevoy Leah Howard  
September Jack Richardson Emily Ford *Volunteer of the Quarter was Sharon Holt*
October Mark Warner Gina Whiteley Luke Minns
November Chris Wylie & Gordon Ballantyne Polly Kershaw  
December Simon Reason Emily Japp Chloe Parsons and Phil Leybourne

Roll of Honour 2018

MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January  Nick Hume  Emily Japp Katy Wyper, Jasmine Carey, Mary-Jayne Broomhead, Alex Hughes, Forest Leah
February  Forest Leah  Grace Oates Fiona Hockey, Lucy Tickle, Rafael Eaton, Danny Fletcher
March Paul Sparrow  Lucy Tickle  
April Scott Sinclair Mary-Jayne Broomhead  
May Steven Simpson Nicola Unsworth Natalia Luczak, George Mackenzie, Grace Rutter
June Thomas Wilkinson Natalia Luczak Leah Howard
July Riley Nagle Laura Lawler Basia Pawelczak, Phil Leybourne
August George Fox Kacie Calvert Angelo Vinci, George Mackenzie, Kieran Howard
September George Mackenzie Jessica Rogers  
October Luke Rawcliffe Bethany Whipp Betty Kershaw
November   Gracie Scott  
December Rafael Eaton Michelle Tickle  

Roll of Honour 2017

MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Morgan Lilley Lucy Mansfield  
February Danny Hayes Jess Rogers Minnie Rogers, Jasmine Carey and Fiona Hockey
March Bob Massey Lauren Gowland  
April Will Critchley Jasmine Carey  
May James Nicholas Charlotte Jones  
June Steve Dunn Leah Howard Kieran Howard and Phil Leybourne
July Brett Rund Amelia Shearman Natalia Luczak
August Scott Sinclair Katy Wyper  
September Luke Rawcliffe Gracie Scott  
October Harry Poole Lauren Gowland  
November Darren Tremble Karen Dunford  
December Jake Dudley  Bev Wright​  


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Will Holmes Amelia Shearman Caitlyn Preddy
February Johnny Goodacre Alisha Johnson Danielle Whipp
March Bradley Parsons Laura Gilderdale*  
April James Smith Kate Jenkinson  
May Tom Godwin Nia Rutter Leah Howard
June Isaac Towers Susan Ball  
July Declan O’Hara Kirsty Holland  
August Brent Starkie Chloe Norman Jasmine Carey
September Lewis Weaver Emily Japp Jasmine Carey
October Jack Tickle Danielle Whipp  
November Andrew Simm Bev Wright  
December Peter Singleton Michelle Tickle Natalia Luczak, Howard Henshaw

* Alternative Power of 10 profile.


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Luke Halstead Katy Wyper Molly Betmead, Fiona Hockey, Kate Lawler, Luke Minns & Hannah Newell
February James Smith Kirsty Rushton Will Holmes
March John Bradley Molly Betmead  
April Liam Craine Annie Bradshaw  
May Morgan Lilley Ash Colvin Mollie Mason and Louis Walker
June Ian Dawson Emily Japp  
July George Fox Kirsty Holland Jessica Jackson, Kate Lawler & Erin Webbe
August Peter Broome Mollie Mason  
September Alan Wilkinson Jasmine Carey  
October Luke Minns Danielle Whipp  
November Adam Weightman Karen Dunford Caroline Betmead and Harry Poole
December Declan Taylor Leah Howard  


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Harry Mercer Fiona Hockey Kate Lawler and Jake Walley
February Thomas Matthews Alisha Johnson Max Eaves, Fiona Hockey & Jess Rogers
March Connor Finlayson Jess O’Neill  
April James Unsworth Beth Everson  
May Ben Holmes Claire Irons Matt Wright
June Matt Wright Lucy Mansfield John Wright
July Jake Walley Taegan O’Hara Liam Craine
August Dave Turner Anna Peers Luke Halstead
September Louis Walker Sue Ball Luke Halstead
October Danny Hayes Bev Wright Jake Walley
November Ben Preddy Jessica Rogers  
December Simon Scarr Minnie Rogers  


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Bob Massey Lauren Gowland Molly Betmead, Ash Colvin and Ben Preddy
February Malc Eadie Molly Betmead India Rogers
March Jamie Jackson Ash Colvin  
April Adam Weightman Annie Bradshaw Sam Matthews, Tom Matthews, Steve Waterhouse, Katy Wyper
May Will Holmes Kate Lawler Tanya Barlow, Innes Kent, Brent Starkie, Katy Wyper
June Nick Aziz Lexi Edwards  
July Robbie Morris Katy Wyper Luke Halstead, Taegan O’Hara
August Louis Walker Natasha Webster Jordan Dixon, Amber Swinnerton, Isaac Towers, Adam Weightman
September Charlee McGuinness Danielle Whipp Jessica Rogers, Ben Preddy
October John Winters Caroline Betmead Jake Walley
November James Smith Jessica Rogers Karen Dunford
December Isaac Towers Emily Japp  


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Nick Aziz Kate Lawler  
February Declan Darnbrough Deni Impett Molly Betmead, Ash Hails, Jack Hails, Fiona Hockey, Harry Poole and Katy Wyper
March Stuart Robinson Kirsty Rushton Lily-Mae Gray and Steve Waterhouse
April Perry Mann Jess O’Neill  
May Dave Shaw Josette Green Claire Irons, Chloe Needham and Adam Snape
June Luis Blyth Lydia Critchley Jordan Dixon, Luke Minns and Taegan O’Hara
July Dom Lavelle Jordan Dixon  
August Declan O’Hara Fiona Hockey Alex Kiziltas, Jess O’Neill and Katy Wyper
September Liam Craine Hannah Newell Laura Lawler
October Luke Minns Stasia Bligh Norman Greenwood and Trevor Uttley
November Harry Mercer Bev Wright Connor Finlayson
December Gary Johnston Laura Lawler  


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January James Davies Sophie Riley Caroline Betmead
February Dan Quarmby Deni Impett Perry Mann
March Luke Berry Jodie Ferguson Tanya Wright
April Uber Cirelli Laura Lawler John Bradley, Abi Lucas and Vicky Robinson
May Jake Walley Chloe Needham Lauren Burrell, Kate Lawler and Jake Lonsdale
June Luke Minns Annie Bradshaw Luis Blyth, Ash Colvin, Oliver Hopkins, Stuart Robinson, Andy Stubbs and Katie Wood
July Dave Myerscough Katy Wyper Jack Scarr and Katie Wood
August Louis Walker Fiona Hockey Oliver Hopkins, Chloe Needham and Dan Quarmby
September Adam Weightman Caroline Betmead Jodie Ferguson
October George Robinson Bev Wright  
November Peter Gibson Molly Betmead Caroline Betmead, Jack Hails and Peter Singleton
December Christian Linton Hannah Eadie  


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Ciaran Johnson Alisha Johnson James Davies, Omar Frederick, Lauren Gowland, Loryn McCrudden, Bianca Pedersen, Sophie Riley and Jake Walley
February Omar Frederick Lucy Mansfield James Davies, Alison Titterington
March Ben Everson Stasia Bligh  
April Dominic Lavelle Hilary Goorney Brent Starkie
May Duncan Shaw Alicia Johnston Lydia Critchley, Omar Frederick, Luke Minns, Sophie Riley, Amber Swinnerton and Finn Walker
June Luke Minns Alicia Roylance Jordan Dixon, Ben Everson, Carl Myerscough, Carolyn Robbins and Andy Stubbs
July Peter Bridge Katie Wood Kassidy Knight
August Stuart Williams Lydia Critchley Sophie Riley
September Andy Stubbs Jasmine Jolly  
October Stuart Robinson Amelia Beaman Molly Betmead, Jodie Ferguson and Carl Myerscough
November John Wright Lauren Gowland Chris Bligh
December Matt Hulyer Katrina Kelly  


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Matt Walker Sam Smith  Chloe Needham
February Adam Snape Rebecca Todd  James Davies and Lucy Mansfield
March Dominic Broughton Amber Swinnerton  Sarah Goff, Steve Mason and Stuart Robinson
April Jack Scarr Tash Gardner  Gemma Unsworth and Ben Everson
May David Jones Loryn McCrudden  Chloe Needham and James Davies
June John Wright Katie Wood  Isobel Cairns, Nathan Coglan, Kate Lawler, Sam Smith, Brent Starkie and Gemma Unsworth
July James Davies Sophie Riley  Natasha Butler, Alex Cross, Jon Rutter and Nia Rutter
August Dominic Garrett Zoë Dixon  Lauren Burrell, Laura Davies, Rachel Plant, Adam Snape and Katy Wyper
September Sam Lamb Molly Betmead  
October Ashley Hails Gemma Unsworth  Sophie Laycock and Jake Walley
November Jake Lonsdale Bianca Pedersen  
December Laurie Needham Molly Scarr  


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Bradley Yates Elena Mingas  Molly Betmead, Sam Channon, Ben Everson, Lauren Gowland & Ella Rembowski
February James Davies Molly Betmead   Laura Davies, Lauren Gowland, Lucy Mansfield & Luke Minns
March Gareth Jones Kristie Leybourne  –
April Trevor Uttley Nia Rutter  –
May Luke Minns Katy Wyper  Lucy Mansfield, Jon Rutter & Luke Wood
June Jon Rutter Katie Holder  Ben Everson, Phil Leybourne & Beth Towers
July Darrell Constantine Sarah Goff  Luke Minns
August Ben Everson Bethany Everson  –
September Stuart Robinson Bianca Pedersen  Charlotte Evans and Lauren Gowland
October Steven Mason Amelia Betmead  Debbie Cardwell and Malc Eadie
November Finn Walker Lauren Gowland  Caroline Betmead
December Gary Johnston Caroline Betmead  Kassidy Knight and Luke Minns


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
January Max Eaves Laura Davies  Kristie Leybourne & Tom Cunningham
February Tom Cunningham Kristie Leybourne  –
March Sam Channon Lucy Mansfield  David Jones
April Mike Walsh Katie Holder  Kassidy Knight & Jackie Williams
May Luke Minns Kara Nwidobie-Sharpe  Tom Baran, James Davies, Stephanie Hallam & Aime Hearsum
June Steven Mason Andrea Smith  Tom Baran, Gareth Jones and Aime Hearsum
July Jono Prowse Hannah Dickson  –
August Stuart Robinson Zoë Dixon  Chris Beggan, James Davies, Alex Evans & Dawn Gasgarth
September John Wright Tash Gardner  –
October Alex Evans Charlotte Evans  –
November David Jones Gemma Unsworth  Tanya Ashworth, Molly Betmead & Bradley Yates
December Antony Ford Bev Wright  Carolyn Robbins


MONTH MALE FEMALE Also nominated
October Antony Ford Caroline Betmead  Tom Cunningham
November Joe Gigli Bev Wright  Bradley Emmerson, Sam Channon and Lydia Critchley
December No award No award