Virtual Road Championship

Competitors MUST be paid up Club Members when taking part in any period otherwise the performance will not be counted.

All Covid-19 Laws & Guidelines current at the time of the Run must be followed (for example at Feb 2021 no run should ideally be commenced more than 10 miles from home or work).

Runners need to complete ANY 6 of the 11 distances.

Each distance to be completed within the time period shown in the Table. The evidence for the run will be screen shot(s) of the distance run (equal to or over the stated distance) and time based on Elapsed Time only, unless you are a Member of the BWF AC Strava Club (see below).

For Garmin / TomTom etc – 2 screen shots are required

a) distance and time AND

b) elapsed time

Stopping of devices during the run is not allowed as you need to run as if in a race from start to finish. Stopping for road crossings etc obviously increases your time but this cannot be helped. The evidence of the run has to be sent to Nick Hume ( by the day after the cut-off for each period and late entries will NOT be accepted.

Points will be awarded based on Time for Overall Positions within the Period for the Senior and 5 Year Age Categories with best 6 out of 11 to count. Fastest time 1 Point, 2nd Fastest 2 Points and so on. Lowest total is the Winner. Positions and times will be posted after each Period is completed.

The table below shows the dates and the race distances for the 11 races that can be chosen from as stated.

March01/03 – 07/035k or 3.12mResults
March29/03 – 04/044mResults
April19/04 – 25/045mResults
May17/05 – 23/056.25m / 10kResults
June07/06 – 13/0610m
June28/06 – 04/0713.1m
July19/07 – 25/073.12m / 5k
August09/08 – 15/085m
August23/08 – 29/0810k
September13/09 – 19/094m
September27/09 – 03/1010k