Suggestions/Ideas Scheme

Submit an Idea or Suggestion

If you’ve got a great idea or a suggestion of how we could do things better you can submit them to the committee.  Your suggestion will be reviewed and if permitted published to this page below with our response.

So how does it work?

Stage 1

You submit your suggestion by email to: and mark whether you would like to keep it private or allow us to publish it to this page.  We will never publish your name or email on this page.

Stage 2

We receive your suggestion and review it for naughty language etc.  If it’s all good we’ll add it to the page and mark it as ‘Under Review’.

Stage 3

Your suggestion will then be discussed by the committee to decide how to proceed with it.  We will then mark it as either ‘Being Implemented’ or ‘Rejected’ and provide an explanation as to why we made that decision and what we will do about it.


Recent Suggestions and Ideas

March 2019

Subject: Update to Track & Field page on the website    Status: Implemented

Your Suggestion: 

1. Under the “Track & Field” heading it would be good to have some information about the Northern Athletics League. This is aimed at athletes aged U17 and over, with four main events taking place across four months and a fifth promotion match, should we be so lucky to make it. We could always do with some more athletes, so some easily found information on this would be good.

2. Continuing on the “Track & Field” theme, the Mid Lancs heading is filed under young athletes. Whilst the Mid Lancs is great for our younger athletes, senior athletes are also allowed to, and welcomed to compete. Filing it under “young athletes” is not the best way to get people involved in more track meets.

3. Again, under the “Track & Field” heading, it would be good to have some information on indoor competitions. Not Sports Hall, but the Open Meets that take place in Manchester and Sheffield as well as the Northern Championships, also normally held at Sheffield.

Our Response: Comments taken on-board and the Track & Field section of the website has been updated to reflect these suggestions and hopefully make it easier for athletes to locate details of upcoming events/fixtures. The ‘Young Athletes’ section has now be removed and updated with a Track & Field Links sub heading. The YDL and Sportshall now have their own section under the Track & Field heading.


February 2019

Subject: Ideas / Suggestion Page                       Status: Implemented

Your Suggestion: There’s no way of making suggestions about the club and know that it’s got any further than the person I spoke to.

Our Response: We’ve created this new page on our website making it easier for everyone to suggest and track their ideas of how to improve the club.  Now when you make a suggestion we’ll post it here and update it with a reason why we can’t or can do it once we’ve reviewed whether it is feasibility.